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Current video: How to Bias a Tube Amplifier

How to Bias a Tube Amp - part 1 of 2 - Great how to instructional video on how to set the grid bias on a tube amp - 1576170 views
How to Bias a Tube Amp - part 2 of 2 - Great how-to video on setting the grid bias on a tube amplifier part 2 of 2 - 1454716 views
Replacing and Biasing Amp Tubes - 'Video Tutorial: How to replace and bias tube amplifiers - 637388 views
Tube Amps 101 repairs, maintenance and more - Overview of maintaining and repairing a Fender amplifier - 1238089 views
How To Replace Pickups On A Les Paul - By Seymour - Seymour Duncan shows how to replace a pickup on a Les Paul gold top - 1642537 views
How Loudspeakers are Made - An interesting clip from the Discovery Channel's show titled "How It's Made". This clip reviews the manufacturing process for a speaker. - 1664855 views
The Craziest Dummer Ever! - You won't believe this guy. I have never seen anything like this. He amazingly manages to keep the groove together even with all of his shenanigans. - 1165878 views
Leslie 50C amplifier repair and bench test - Repair of a Leslie organ amp model 50C. Replacing old paper filter capacitors with new ceramics. Replacing cathode resistor with heavier wattage model - 1080375 views
Hammond Organ Fix a Hammond Drawbar - A few of my drawbars stopped working on my 1960's Hammond A100. I thought I'd document the procedure on video to show how I fixed the problem along with a few other maintenance tips. - 859651 views
How to Solder XLR Cables - Proper technique of disassembling and soldering XLR microphone and instrument cables. - 1804392 views
Making a Nuetrik XLR Cable - How to make or repair Neutrik XLR cables - 1495879 views
Testing an Amplifier for Output - How to test amplifier for maximum clean power output - 1637674 views
Measuring Maximum Output - Short video on how to calculate an amplifiers output using a multimeter and ohm's law - 1393850 views
Draining Filter Caps - How to discharge electrolytic filter capacitors in a guitar amplifier. If you are a beginner or hobbyist and don't know how to do this, you should watch this before you electrocute yourself. - 501353 views
How to Read Schematic Diagrams - Basic electronics video tutorial on how to read schematic diagrams and identify electronics schematics components. - 187574 views
How to Make a Full Wave Bridge Rectifier - Video tutorial how to make a full wave bridge rectifier from 4 diodes. How to test a bridge rectifier. - 167355 views
How to Test Transistors and Diodes - Video tutorial how to test a transistor. Basic electronics video transistor and diode testing basics. - 187406 views
Electronics Theory How Transformers Work - Video tutorial how a transformer works, induction, construction and how to test a transformer. - 180694 views
How to Use a Multimeter - Video tutorial how to use a multimeter to measure DC voltage, AC voltage, current, continuity and resistance. How to test circuit boards. - 155782 views
How to Test Capacitors - Video tutorial how to check a capacitor for leaks and tolerance. Electronics repair tutorial video how to test electrolytic capacitors using a multimeter. - 171317 views
How Ohm's Law Works - Basic electronics video tutorial on how Ohm.s Law works. How to calculate voltage, resistance and current. How to use Ohm's Law equations. - 43461 views
Series and Parallel Circuits Tutorial - Basic electronics tutorial on parallel and series circuit basics. How parallel and series circuits work. - 150974 views
What is a Voltage Drop? - Basic electronics tutorial voltage drops in resistors, parallel circuits, testing for bad connection, voltage divider theory and Kirchoff's Law. - 123221 views